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3.4 Training Strategy


As part of change management and training planning we recommend that you consider creating supplemental materials like FAQs, Quick Tips, or End-to-End user videos to drive adoption.  However, before creating an involved training plan, spend some time seeing how some of your end users react to using Coupa.  Perhaps those users who are involved in UAT activities can provide good feedback on type of materials that would be helpful to create for end users.  We've seen over and over that customers tend to over-invest in training! For most users, Coupa's easy enough to use that they only need a basic email with instructions on getting started.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Develop Training Strategy Customer Customer puts together a timeline plan focused on groups that require training and materials to be built out to support those training efforts and overall rollout and adoption of platform Training deliverables included in overall project plan  
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