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3.6 Conduct Supplier Enablement Pre Go-Live Review


The Supplier Enablement pre go-live review will ensure proactive alignment on readiness for go-live with customer, implementation partner and Coupa. During the meeting, the team will review the latest supplier enablement workstream progress or status report, updated Success Readiness Assessment (SRA) (Supplier Enablement Tab) and updated post go-live supplier enablement strategy. 

In addition, the review will confirm customer’s readiness for CVM transition from a supplier enablement perspective, by:

  • Ensuring any open risks and issues are documented with a defined mitigation plan that is signed off by the customer.
  • Ensuring go-live readiness towards achieving expected minimal supplier enablement success measures.
  • Ensuring the customer understands the post go-live supplier enablement strategy and confirm that they have an ongoing supplier enablement plan to address this post go-live.


Activities Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Document
Conduct supplier enablement pre go-live review
  • Latest supplier enablement status/progress reports

  • Updated SRA (supplier enablement tab)

  • Updated supplier enablement post go-live strategy

  • Partner sends material at a minimum 48 hours prior for review

  • Partner, Supplier Enablement SME, EM review progress, open issues and risks with a defined mitigation plan, SRA and post go-live strategy.

  • Completed SRA (Supplier Enablement Tab) – including documenting any risk and issues with a defined mitigation plan.

  • Aligned Post Go-Live Supplier Enablement Strategy


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