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4.4 Establish Hypercare Plan


Hypercare period allows for a smooth period of transition from implementation resources leading the project to support resources who will be supporting and assuring customer success going forward. Implementation resources work closely with customer to track and resolve any production issues during this period.  Any high priority issues should either be resolved or have a plan for resolution before transitioning customer to support and CVM. It is also imperative to help customer measure adoption metrics during this phase to ensure that value is being achieved from the start.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Establish Action Item Tracker Partner, Coupa PM
  • Coupa EM/partner will create and manage the tracker
  • Coupa EM/partner will provide access to Coupa SA/TA to view and update the tracker
Action Item Tracker

Supplier Enablement Hypercare Metrics

Review tracker, fix issues, update tracker for technical issues Partner, Coupa EM, Client technical architect, Client integration team
  • Coupa EM and SA/TA to review tracker with partner/customer and provide path to resolution
Review adoption metrics on weekly basis/Production Transaction Verification Partner, Coupa EM, Client
  • Coupa EM/partner gathers production metrics from environment/analytics module/SFDC/Production Transaction Verification and shares with customer
Adoption Metrics Report

Adoption Metrics Report Template

Production Transaction Verification (obtained by EM)

Coupa Pay - Handover to Support Process Partner, Coupa EM
  • Overview of requirements in order to hand off to support. Also includes a link to the Hypercare Exit Checklist and a video on how to open a support ticket 
  • Partners are responsible for filling out the Coupa Pay - Hypercare Exit Checklist after a full reconciliation cycle has passed (4 weeks) and the customer is ready to exit hypercare.

Coupa Pay - Handover to Support Process

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