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4.5 Transition to Support and CVM


The transition from the implementing team to the Coupa Support manager and the assigned Customer Value Manager is key to ensure continued success with the customer. The handover document should be a snapshot of the customer, including and specific requirements and terminology that they have. This will be a reference for the support and CVM teams when working with the customer after go-live.

More information about these teams and additional information on Optimizing Spend Management initiatives can be found in the following links:

Customers will also find that we have a number of best practice webinars, weekly office hours, customer meet ups, and many other customer networking and customer education events, to further drive usage of Coupa!


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Request customer access to Coupa Support for any additional resources not assigned during implementation  

Coupa or Partner Project Manager

Submit Support ticket with the name, email and phone (if available) for each customer representative who needs access to support portal

Customer knowledge transfer to CVM & Support Complete the PS to CVM & Support handover document

Coupa/Partner Project Manager to complete the doc and initiate meeting for PS-to-CVM.

Complete & provide the handover document ahead of transition to CVM & Support calls.  Attach in ICM record in Salesforce PS to CVM & Support Handover Template
Complete remaining details on project site   EM/SA/TA to fill out relevant information on the project site Completed artifacts, functional and integration information on the project site Project Site
Transition to Coupa integration support   TS technical architect to schedule the transition call with integration support. Completed integration information on the project site Project Site
PS to CVM and Support Transition call   Coupa PM to arrange call, including partner if applicable. Internal call with PS (partner)/TS/CVM/Support to introduce customer  

Strategic, EMEA and APAC


Customer transition to Support

Confirm customer can successfully log into support portal

Coupa PM to schedule call with relevant regional support representatives


Hold Customer call for transition to Support  

Mid-Market (US Only)


Customer transition to Support


Coupa Project Manager

Add customer attendees to one of the bi-weekly Support Transition calls. These can be found in the Support Transition calendar.

*Do not forward the invite. Doing so will not give Support visibility into who is scheduled to attend.


Strategic, EMEA & APAC


Customer transition to CVM


Coupa Project Manager

Hold Customer call for transition to CVM



Mid-Market (US Only)


Customer transition to CVM


Coupa Implementation Manager

Email CVM to notify them of transition and primary customer contact. CVM will reach out and schedule a call with the customer  
Update OpenAir and SFDC  

Coupa Project/Implementation Manager

Update OpenAir: Handoff dates, Engagement Status and Project Stage

Update SFDC: CVM Handoff date (in ICM) and Customer Status in the Account profile.

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