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Integration Best Practices

Coupa understands the complexities and the requirements to integrate the Coupa platform into your internal application ecosystem.  We have invested quite a bit in providing our customers a set of best-in-class data integration interfaces to do the most basic of integrations to the most complex integrations.  Hundreds of thousands of API and Flat File transactions run through our platform on a daily basis. Over the years we have implemented 1500+ integrations to 100+ industry standard as well as homegrown ERP and application systems.

Data integration is no easy feat, but certain guidelines can help make it efficient, scalable, reliable and supportable. We want to share some of our integration best practices with you on how to integrate with Coupa.  It's highly recommended that you read through these, before embarking on your integration project!

Check out our Integrations Best Practices PDF* to for more info.
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  • API Response Filters
    Create API response filters for your system integrations to get just what you want from expenses, requisitions, invoices, orders, or user resources.
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