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Exchange Rates from SAP to Coupa

Integration may be completed via Coupa Standard Flat File Format or our REST-based API for creating and maintaining rates with one of the following approaches:

  • Approach 1: We have a standard flat file and it has 5 columns worth of data to essentially capture the Rate Date, From/To currency details, Rate and if you desire an option to create a reciprocal rate. If the customer is already receiving exchange rates from Bloomberg or such sources, there are potentially two options: 1) extract the rates from SAP in the Coupa standard format (more effort for customer, less effort for Coupa) or 2) provide the exchange rates in the file format you already receive or could generate and Coupa will transform to the Coupa format and import it (this option will be less effort for the customer but will increase the effort for Coupa)
  • Approach 2: The Exchange Rate export from SAP exports the rates valid for the current date. To avoid loading the same rates every day, we compare the current file to the previous file to determine if any records were modified. Any modified records will be inserted as a new exchange rate for the current date in Coupa. There is no update functionality since the rates are effective dated.
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