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Invoices from Coupa to SAP

Invoice integration is usually completed via Coupa Standard Flat File Format or IDoc (Intermediate Document). Invoices will be extracted from Coupa on scheduled basis and will be output to an SFTP server in the agreed upon format. Here is an example of the standard CSV format:

Sample invoice data file (save as CSV)

REST APIs are available for those customers who require more control over the integration between Coupa and their SAP environment.

For IDoc integration, Coupa supports the INVOIC02 IDoc format for creating invoices in SAP and will be able to export each invoice to an XML file on an SFTP server in either format. It is important to note that the mappings between Coupa and SAP for Invoices will vary from client to client. Our standard set of mappings does accommodate many of the scenarios we have encountered at our SAP customers but an upfront process to review and modify the mappings will usually be required during the implementation process. For those customers with PI implemented, we will also provide the transports needed to pull Invoice IDocs from our SFTP server and load them into SAP.

Also note that we do not yet have a separate IDoc format for non-PO invoices due to the significant differences with how they are handled in SAP across our customers. However, we will be able to work with you to implement a solution for your specific requirements if needed and we are planning to provide this in the near future.

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