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Coupa Success Portal

Certification Process

To be Coupa Certified for your invoicing platform, you'll follow this process:


Step 1 : Submit the Certification Application

When you have completed all object level, flat file CSV parser and end to end test scenarios (under section 3,4 & 5) and recorded all test evidence in the Coupa ERP Connector Certification Template document below, you may start the certification process by submitting the ERP Connector Certification document.

Step 2: Perform a Live Demo

As part of certification, partners are required to do a live demonstration of the integration to/from Coupa for each of the test cases and end to end scenarios.

Step 3: Review the Solution

Coupa will do a formal review of all your certification Documentation, Configs, Data and Demo, and then complete a certification report.

Step 4: Approval / Rejection

After a formal review, Coupa will approve/reject your certification request and send you a formal communication.

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