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1. User Integration Scenarios (Optional)


Our standard data interfaces allow third-party HR systems to create, update, deactivate, and reactivate Users in Coupa.

To be able to execute business processes in Coupa, you must create and maintain User objects containing profile data in Coupa. Relevant associated data objects (Department, Approval Login (manager), Default COA, Default Account, User Role, Default Local, Default State, Default Country, Content Group, Account Group, and Default Currency) must exist as a prerequisite in Coupa to allow a successful automated integration.

User master data could change in the HR system, so it is important to replicate the changes in Coupa.

Each HR system can store different levels of User information, so ensure that you can incorporate all Coupa standard fields/tags by default and you have the flexibility in your tool to allow custom fields if required.


See Using API and Using CSV for an overview of each method. 


For certification purposes, we have identified several common User scenarios used by Coupa customers. Each scenario must be executed successfully using CSV and/or API.

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