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2.1 Create a Supplier


The first step in the Supplier maintenance process is to create a Supplier in Coupa based on the ERP / Procurement system data.

Each ERP / Procurement system can store different levels of Supplier information, so ensure that you can incorporate all Coupa standard fields/tags by default and you have the flexibility in your tool to allow custom fields if required.

Using API

  1. Create a Supplier in the ERP / Procurement system.
  2. The ERP Connector platform should trigger an API call to Coupa using POST API to create a Supplier with your ERP Connector platform.
  3. Ensure that you get a 201 API response and it is logged in your ERP Connector platform logging engine. If you get a different API response (for example, 400) error, the API error (returned on API response <errors><error> tag(s)) must be logged in the ERP Connector platform logging engine and a notification must be sent to the relevant person.
  4. Validate that the new Supplier is created and all Supplier details are added correctly in Coupa.

Sample API

In this example, a Supplier is created in Coupa with a two-way match, cXML PO method, and cXML invoicing.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <display-name>R15 TEST SUPPLIER 2</display-name>
  <cxml-domain>CUST DOM 2</cxml-domain>
  <cxml-identity>CUST IDEN 2</cxml-identity>
  <cxml-supplier-domain>SUPP DOM 2</cxml-supplier-domain>
  <cxml-supplier-identity>SUPP IDEN 2</cxml-supplier-identity>
  <disable-cert-verify type="boolean">true</disable-cert-verify>
  <coupa-connect-secret nil="true" />
  <buyer-hold type="boolean">false</buyer-hold>
  <allow-cxml-invoicing type="boolean">true</allow-cxml-invoicing>
  <cxml-invoice-supplier-domain>SUPP DOM 2</cxml-invoice-supplier-domain>
  <cxml-invoice-supplier-identity>SUPP IDEN 2</cxml-invoice-supplier-identity>
  <cxml-invoice-buyer-domain>CUST DOM 2</cxml-invoice-buyer-domain>
  <cxml-invoice-buyer-identity>CUST IDEN 2</cxml-invoice-buyer-identity>
  <on-hold type="boolean">false</on-hold>
  <savings-pct type="decimal">5.0</savings-pct>
  <allow-inv-from-connect type="boolean">true</allow-inv-from-connect>
  <allow-inv-no-backing-doc-from-connect type="boolean">true</allow-inv-no-backing-doc-from-connect>
  <allow-inv-unbacked-lines-from-connect type="boolean">true</allow-inv-unbacked-lines-from-connect>
  <allow-inv-choose-billing-account type="boolean">false</allow-inv-choose-billing-account>
  <supplier-diversity>Woman-Owned Business Enterprise</supplier-diversity>
    <name-prefix nil="true" />
    <name-suffix nil="true" />
    <name-additional nil="true" />
    <name-fullname nil="true" />
    <notes nil="true" />
      <extension nil="true" />
      <extension nil="true" />
    <name nil="true" />
    <location-code nil="true" />
    <street1>10615 Professional Cir</street1>
    <street2>1st Floor</street2>
    <attention nil="true" />
    <active type="boolean">true</active>
    <business-group-name nil="true" />
    <checkbox />
    <content-groups type="array" />
    <code>Net 30</code>
    <description />
    <days-for-net-payment type="integer">30</days-for-net-payment>
    <days-for-discount-payment nil="true" />
    <discount-rate nil="true" />
    <active type="boolean">true</active>
    <content-groups type="array">
  <remit-to-addresses type="array" />
  <send-invoices-to-approvals type="boolean">false</send-invoices-to-approvals>
  <restricted-account-types type="array" />
  <invoice-emails type="array" />
  <content-groups type="array">

Using CSV

  1. Create a Supplier in the ERP / Procurement system.
  2. The ERP Connector platform generates a CSV flat file from your ERP Connector platform for a new Supplier. (The file must have at least the mandatory fields populated.)
  3. The ERP Connector platform places the CSV file to the /Incoming/Suppliers folder on the Coupa sFTP site.
  4. Once the scheduled job picks up and processes the file, validate that the new Supplier is created and all Supplier details are added correctly in Coupa.

Sample CSV

Place the CSV file to the/Incoming/Suppliers folder, where the file is picked up and processed in 5 minutes, and validate that the new Supplier is created.

For a sample file, see create_supplier.csv.

The CSV flat file upload is monitored in Coupa at https://<instance>/data_sources. Coupa sends a notification to Coupa Admin on an upload failure, and Coupa Admin needs to investigate further.

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