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3.10 Check Error Handling on Lookup Values

Using API


The following samples show failure scenarios:

Sample API 1 - Updating lookup value


https:// <instance>/api/lookup_values/:id


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Error message: Unable to find valid Lookup record for lookup with keys {"name"=>"2U-Canada_CO_BU_HE_HA111"}. Possible keys are ["id", "name"]. Please verify your xml.

This error occurs due to an invalid Lookup in the system.

Sample API 2 - Fetching lookup value xml


https:// <instance>/api/lookup_values/:id


X-COUPA-API-KEY: c34752e926651ca0b434de4c151903b465fead2a1



Error: 401: Unauthorized

This error occurs due to an incorrect API key.

Using CSV

For information on values to be used and required fields, see

Note that custom fields are not part of the documentation, and updating custom field data depends on their configuration. For example, if a custom field on a Lookup Value is required, passing that field as blank during creating a new Lookup Value gives an error message without creating the Lookup Value.

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