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4.1 Single-Line PO-Backed Invoice Approved and Ready to Pay in ERP

Using API

  1. Create an Invoice in Coupa.
  2. Approve the Invoice in Coupa (all approval).
  3. The ERP Connector platform should trigger an API call to Coupa to query Invoices in approved status since the last query date.
  4. Take the OK-to-Pay information and post it to the ERP system.
  5. Ensure that you get a 200 API response and it is logged in your ERP Connector platform logging engine. If you get a different API response (for example, 400) error, the API error (returned on API response <errors><error> tag(s)) must be logged in the ERP Connector platform logging engine and a notification must be sent to the relevant person.
  6. (Optional) Set the exported flag to true using API PUT.
  7. Make a payment in the ERP for the approved Invoice.

Sample API

In this example, all approved Invoices ready for payment are queried from 2016-05-30, and the export flag is changed for each Invoice.



Set the exported flag for each Invoice. The <id> must be used from the query.

PUT (for each invoice)



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <exported type="boolean">true</exported>

Using CSV

  1. Create an Invoice in Coupa.
  2. Approve the Invoice in Coupa (all approval).
  3. Coupa exports the OK-To-Pay file to the /Outgoing/Invoice folder on the Coupa sFTP site based on the set schedule. Coupa sets the exported flag to yes.
  4. The ERP Connector platform picks up the OK-to-Pay file from the /Outgoing/Invoice folder on the Coupa sFTP site. Once the file is processed, it should be deleted from the Coupa sFTP site.
  5. The OK-to-Pay Invoice information is imported to the ERP system.
  6. Error handling should be built in the middleware layer to log errors on ERP import.
  7. Payment is made by the ERP system.

Sample CSV

For a sample file, see singleline_pobacked_invoice.csv.

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