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12. End-to-End Business Scenario


At Coupa we would like to validate that each Integration Object also works in an automated full end-to-end manner. We expect our partners to perform an end-to-end testing for the process they certify for, at least for the following scenarios.

Purchase to Pay Model end to end scenario

Create two Chart of Accounts in Coupa linked to 2 CoA in your ERP, one called “CoA1” using Coupa Static (with at least 3 segments) and one called “CoA2” using Coupa Dynamic Accounting in Coupa (with at least 3 segments where segment 3 is dependent on segment 2) Model.

Data Modeling must be in place between selected ERP and Coupa CoAs.

Purchase to Pay scenario

Execute the following scenario step by step and record test evidence.

User (optional)

  • Create a User in HR system called “Coupa<<DATE>>”
  • User Created in Coupa with correct attributes 


  • Create new supplier in ERP called “COUPA<<DATE>>” (with multiple locations)
  • New Supplier(s) is/are visible in Coupa 


  • Create a new Account for the Coupa CoA1 in ERP
  • New Account for CoA1 is visible in Coupa
  • Create new Accounts for CoA2 in ERP
    • Segment 2 called “Test1”
    • Segment 2 called “Test2”
    • Segment 3 called “Test1-<<DATE>>” child of “Test1”
    • Segment 3 called “Test2-<<DATE>>” child of “Test2”
  • New Accounts for CoA2 is visible in Coupa

Requisition, Purchase Order (manual task, no integration)

  • Create Requisitions in Coupa manually using the User, Supplier, Accounts combinations created above for both CoAs
  • Approve the Requisitions in Coupa
  • Purchase Orders created by Coupa
  • Do full Goods Receipt for the Purchase Orders
  • Create Invoices against the Purchase Orders
  • Approve all Invoices

Ok to Pay

  • Ok to Pay documents are “created” in Coupa (available either via CSV on sFTP or via API query)
  • ERP system processes Ok To Pay information.

Payment Info

  • ERP system does payments
  • Payment Informations are sent back and visible in Coupa against the Invoices.

Expense Scenario

Expense Report

  • Create an expense report in Coupa
  • Approve the Expense Report.
  • Expense Report is available in Coupa (available either CSV on sFTP or via API query)
  • Expense report is processed into ERP

Expense Payment

  • Expense Payment is completed in ERP
  • Expense Payment information is sent from ERP to Coupa
  • Coupa Expense Report is updated with Payment information

Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Budget Scenario

Purchase Order to ERP

  • Create a requisition for Supplier, Account combination created above
  • Approve requisition
  • Purchase Order gets created in Coupa
  • Purchase Order is available for ERP (via CSV on sFTP or via API)
  • ERP to process Coupa Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order is available in ERP (with Coupa PO reference)

Purchase Order Change to ERP

  • Change Accounting String, quantity, payment term on the PO created above in Coupa.
  • Purchase Order change is available in Coupa (via CSV on sFTP or via API)
  • ERP to process Coupa Purchase Order change
  • Purchase Order change is reflected in ERP 

Goods Receipt

  • Do a partial receipt against the Purchase Order changed above.
  • Goods Receipt is available in Coupa via CSV on sFTP or via API.
  • ERP to process partial Goods Receipt


  • Create budget line in ERP and send it to Coupa.
  • Budget is set in Coupa.
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