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Coupa supports integration via a RESTful API and CSV flat file. Use the topics below to plan and implement your integration. Either method can be used to send invoices to Coupa.

While either method can be used, Coupa recommends that you only use a single method when integrating with Coupa. 

  • Integration Points
    Integration points with Coupa include purchase orders, invoices, and status updates.
  • Integration Methods
    You can integrate your platform with Coupa via API or flat file CSV uploads.
  • Using the API
    Learn how to access Coupa's RESTful API to get and post data to Coupa.
  • Using Flat Files
    Learn how to use our flat file format (CSV) to send and receive documents.
  • Security Considerations
    Information for API and flat file integrations including encryption, API keys, sFTP and more.
  • Certification Process
    To have your solution certified by Coupa, submit the application, demonstrate your solution, wait for verification, and then we'll notify you of our decision

Sample cXML invoices

cXML invoice samples for administrators and IT to see real-world examples of how cXML invoices are used in Coupa. See also Compliant cXML Invoice Samples.

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