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'Invoice From' address on legal invoice


The Invoice From address is the main address of the supplier entity where the supplier sends the invoices from.This is usually the registered address of the legal entity and is the same location where the supplier receives government documents.

In R20.6.0, we resolved an issue that affected the way the default presentation and compliance presentation appeared.  This also made changes to the legal invoice PDF. Before the change, we would render the Supplier Display Name if present on legal invoice PDFs. If the Supplier Display Name was not present, we would display the Supplier Name. However, post R20.6.0, we started displaying the supplier's name in the following order:

  1. Supplier's CSP legal entity name if exists
  2. Supplier record display name if exists; 
  3. Supplier record name

Please see the release note for reference:


Difference between CSP legal entity set-up and SAN remit-to set-up


1 - When a supplier is first sent an invitation to join the CSP, they can set the Comany Name in the registration window. By default this Company Name is set as the Supplier Name that  set on the supplier record in Coupa. The supplier can change this default Company Name at the time of registration and it becomes their public profile name.

2 - Once the CSP account is created, the supplier can create legal entities and during this process the legal entity name is set.

csp legal entity.png

3 - When invoices are sent using this legal entity, we will see the legal entity name on the Invoice From section on the legal invoice.

legal entity.png


legal pdf.png


On SAN invoices we create a legal entity name (aka registered company name) that is associated with the supplier remit to address. This legal entity name is created as "supplier name + remit to code + supplier remit to address name" and is what gets displayed on the legal invoice.

side by side san.png

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