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Coupa Success Portal

1. Retrieve a PO


The first step in the invoicing process is to retrieve purchase orders from Coupa, which you'll need to to submit a PO-backed invoice. You can receive orders from Coupa via our REST API or flat file integration.

Using the API

Use Coupa PO GET API to retrieve the Approved PO's using the following query:

In this example, the POs with status Issued are retrieved every hour. The retrieval time should be configured on the partner system so that the last run time is used every hour.

Using Flat File

Outbound PO's are posted to the SFTP in /Outgoing/PurchaseOrders on a predefined schedule where your system can pick up the file from the SFTP folder. Ues this sample file to map our PO's to your system: 01-Purchase-order-outgoing-sample.csv.

You'll need to talk with us about setting up a specific schedule for Talk to Coupa to get our SFTP address and set up a schedule.


  • Retrieve a single line PO file from SFTP folder /Outgoing/PurchaseOrders or make a query through REST API
  • Process a PO in your application
  • Ensure all required PO data is mapped correctly
  • Repeat above steps for multi line PO & additional PO files
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