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6. Create an Unbacked Invoice with Multiple Taxes


Coupa lets you create invoices that contain multiple tax lines. You'll need to make sure that the customer can receive an invoice with multiple tax lines because it's not enabled in Coupa by default, and once enabled, it can't be disabled. Your customer will have to contact Coupa to enable multi-tax line support if they haven't already enabled it.

Using the API

Use this cXML sample file with the API to post an invoice to Coupa: Sample Unbacked cXML Invoice with Multiple Lines (with line-level taxes).

Using Flat File

Use the background loader to deliver this this sample file to Coupa: 06-unbacked-invoice-multiple-taxes.csv.

Test case

Create a non PO invoice with multiple line tax codes. Make sure your cXML invoice file passes Coupa validations by ensuring the following:

  • Line 2 references InvoiceDetail.dtd
  • Header credentials match the set up in Coupa
  • DocumentReference payloadID is a Coupa contract number
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