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7. Create an Unbacked Invoice with Attachments


Coupa allows Invoices to have attachments in the Invoice Header. Attachments can be in the form of the following:

  • Text form
  • URL
  • File

Using the API

Use the API to deliver this sample file: Use Coupa API key to create an attachment.

Using Flat File

Coupa allows up to 10 attachments per invoice. The maximum size allowed (in total) is 8MB. We recommend that you keep the total size to 2 MB or less for optimum performance. Zip your CSV invoice along with the attachments to post to Coupa:

Use the background loader to deliver this this sample file to Coupa:

Test case

  1. Copy the invoice created in use case 6 above and change the invoice ID.
  2. Attach a file when you send the invoice to Coupa.

Make sure your cXML invoice file passes Coupa validations by ensuring the following:

  • Line 2 references InvoiceDetail.dtd
  • Header credentials match the set up in Coupa
  • DocumentReference payloadID is a Coupa contract number
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