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10. Retrieve Invoice Status Updates from Coupa


Once a supplier has submitted an invoice to Coupa, it goes through several steps before it's paid. Suppliers will want to see the status of their invoices, so you'll need to know how to query Coupa to obtain the invoice status. Use these steps to learn how.

Using the API

Use the API to query an invoice to obtain the status: 

Using Flat File

Coupa will send the Invoice status update to the SFTP server, this file will contain Invoices with following status (except New and Draft):

  • AP Hold
  • Approved
  • Disputed
  • On Hold
  • Pending Approval
  • Pending Receipt
  • Voided

Invoice status updates will send the delta only. Coupa sends the update file to the SFTP server under /Outgoing/InvoiceUpdates. The file format is the same as an invoice markets as okay to pay.

For more info on the file formats, see Invoices Export.

Test Case

  1. Have at least one invoice for each type of status.
  2. Pick up the CSV file from the folder /Outgoing/InvoiceUpdates of the SFTP account.
  3. Or Make REST API (GET) Call to fetch Invoices with different statues.
  4. Process the fetched data on the partner system.
  5. Compare the results between Coupa and partner system, result should match.
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