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Supplier DnB Risk Scores Integration

Coupa may integrate with the DnB API to get supplier risk scores and store them in Coupa. Coupa Setup required to enable the integration is done by the Coupa Technical Architect assigned to the project.

Flow diagram


Supported DnB APIs

As part of this feature, we support 2 different APIs of DnB:

  1. Company Profile for Managing Trade Credit Risk, Summary (cmptcs)

  1. Supplier Risk Assessment (cmpsra)

  • We can only enable either cmptcs API or cmpsra API but not both.
  • We DO NOT have real-time validation of DUNS Number.
  • We DO NOT support other API endpoints of DnB system.
  • DnB data cannot be exported to any other external systems from Coupa Enterprise.


  1. Customers have an active license with Dun & Bradstreet with all required OAUTH API licenses.
  2. Customers also have Coupa Enterprise, Coupa Risk Assess platform entitlements.
  3. Supplier records in Coupa enterprise are loaded with the valid DUNS number.

Scores to be captured

As part of the integration, below are all the DnB scores that are captured on to Coupa side.

  1. standardRating
    • rating
    • scoreDate
  2. delinquencyScore
    • scoreDate
    • classScore
    • rawScore
  3. failureScore
    • scoreDate
    • classScore
    • rawScore
  4. viabilityRating
    • rating
    • ratingDate
  5. overallRiskAssessment (Only applies to DnB API cmptcs)
    • description
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