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Shared Resources

Many of our Coupa objects reference other objects. This section shows API resources that aren't necessarily accessible directly, but are associated with other resources. 

  • Asset Tags API
    Use this API to specify asset tags on some transactional and reference objects.
  • Attachments API
    Use the Attachments API to manage attachments on Coupa Reference  and Transactional objects.
  • Bulk Price API
    This API is used to manage bulk pricing on orders and invoices.
  • Comments API
    Use the Comments API to create, display, and update comments on Coupa documents.
  • Commodities API
    Commodities is a shared object, but doesn't include an endpoint.
  • Form API
    Use the Form API resource to view form info on other Coupa objects.
  • Payments API
    Payments record the actual payments made on expense reports and invoices.
  • Budget Period API
    Use this API to specify the budget period on some transactional objects.
  • Tagging API
    Use the Tagging API to bring in and export tags to your third-party system.
  • Tag API
    Use the Tag API to specify tags and to specify whether tags are external.
  • Unit of Measure API
    Use this API to specify the unit of measure on orders, invoices, items, and more.


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