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Invoices API (/invoices)


The URL to access invoices is: https://{your_instance_name}/api/invoices

Currently, Coupa doesn't support POST of invoices using our API. if you need to load invoices into Coupa, consider using our Invoice flat file integration. See Invoice Payment API for more information on how to post invoice payment information back into Coupa from your financial system.

See Integration Best Practices for more info.

Invoice API Objects

This is the full list of invoice objects available via the UI. However, not all objects listed here have endpoints–some are only referenced by objects, and can't be updated directly.


The Invoices API allows you to:

Verb Path Action Description
PUT /api/invoices/:id/add_approver Add approver Manually add an approver for an invoice
PUT /api/invoices/:id/bypass_approvals Bypass approvals

Bypass approvals

Allows a 3rd-party system on the customers side to get an invoice approved and paid as quickly as possible.

PUT /api/invoices/:id/bypass_current_approval Bypass current approval

Bypass current approval

Allows a 3rd-party system on the customers side to get an invoice approved from the current approver to get an invoice paid as quickly as possible.

DELETE /api/invoices/:id Destroy Delete draft invoice
PUT /api/invoices/:id/dispute Dispute

Dispute invoice

Allows a 3rd-party system on the customers side to notify suppliers that there is an issue with an invoice and request that the supplier resubmits the invoice.

PUT /api/invoices/:id/flip_to_advance_ship_notice Flip to advance ship notice

Flip invoice to Advance Ship Notice


PUT /api/invoices/:id/image_scan Image scan Update image scan attachment
GET /api/invoices Index Query invoices
PUT /api/invoices/:id/remove_approval Remove approval Remove an approver who was manually added
PUT /api/invoices/:id/restart_approvals Restart approvals

Restart approvals

Allows a 3rd-party system on the customers side to clear the current approval chain and regenerate an new approval chain for an invoice that has had modifications.


GET /api/invoices/:id/retrieve_clearance_document retrieve_clearance_document Retrieve/Download clearance document
GET /api/invoices/:id/retrieve_image_scan Retrieve image scan Retrieve/Download image scan
PUT /api/invoices/:id/revalidate_tolerances Revalidate tolerances

Revalidate tolerances

Allows a 3rd-party system on the customers side to resubmit an invoice that had issues.

GET /api/invoices/:id Show Show invoice
PUT /api/invoices/:id/submit Submit Submit draft invoice for approval
PATCH /api/invoices/:id Update

Update invoice

PUT /api/invoices/:id Update

Update invoice

Used to updated information on the Invoice using the API

PUT /api/invoices/:id/update_line_accounts Update line accounts

Update line accounts

Used by mobile users to update Invoices

PUT /api/invoices/:id/void Void

Void an approved invoice

This can be used on Invoices only on approved and pending receipt Invoices.

  • BUYER_VOIDABLE_STATUSES = [:pending_receipt, :approved, :draft]
  • SUPPLIER_VOIDABLE_STATUSES = [:pending_receipt, :approved]
PUT /api/invoices/:id/withdraw_dispute Withdraw dispute

Withdraw dispute

Due to supplier inaction or a mistake on the buyer side a disputed Invoice can be returned to the approval process.

GET /api/invoices/:id/retrieve_legal_invoice_pdf retrieve_legal_invoice_pdf Download/retrieve the legal invoice PDF. This action allows the PDF attachment to be exported by API call.


Element Description Req'd Unique Allowable Value In Out Data Type
abandon-reason Abandon reason no no any   yes Reason Insight 
account-type Chart Of Account Reference yes     yes yes Account Type
advance-payment-received-amount Amount of advance payment received       yes yes decimal(30,4)
amount_due_less_discount Amount due after applying the discount     any   yes decimal
approvals Approvals         yes Approval
attachments           yes Attachment
bill-to-address Bill to Address yes     yes yes Address
buyer-tax-registration Buyer tax registration yes*       yes Tax Registration
canceled Indicates if transaction has been canceled         yes boolean
cash-accounting-scheme-reference Note if using cash accounting scheme       yes yes string(255)
clearance-document Clearance document attachment file name. Accessible via /retrieve_clearance_document   yes string
comments comments       yes yes string(255)
compliant Invoice compliance indicator         yes boolean
confirmation Confirmation         yes string(255)
contract Backing contract number       yes yes Contract
coupa-accelerate-status Status indicating whether the invoice has discount payment terms via Coupa Accelerate accelerated   yes string(255)
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ   yes datetime
created-by User who created         yes User
credit-note-differences-with-original-invoice Credit Note Differences With Original Invoice       yes yes decimal(30,4)
credit-reason The reason of creating the credit       yes yes string(255)
currency Currency code       yes yes Currency
current-integration-history-records Current Integration History Records         yes Integration History Record
customer_accounting_tax_less_discount Customer accounting tax after applying the discount     any   yes decimal
customs-declaration-date Customs Declaration Date       yes yes datetime
customs-declaration-number Customs Declaration Number       yes yes string(255)
customs-office Customs Office       yes yes text
date-received Date Received in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ         yes datetime
delivery-date Date of Supply no no any   yes datetime
destination-country Country of destination used for compliance         yes Country 
discount-amount Discount Amount provided by supplier       yes yes decimal(32,4)
discount-due-date Discount Due Date calculated based on the discount payment terms     yes datetime
discount-percent Discount %       yes yes float
dispute-method Dispute Method no no any   yes string(10)
dispute-reasons Dispute Reasons no no any   yes Dispute Reason
document-type Invoice or Credit Note     Invoice, Credit Note   yes string(255)
early-payment-provisions Early payment incentives       yes yes string(255)
exchange-rate Exchange Rate       yes yes decimal(30,9)
exported Indicates if transaction has been exported         yes boolean
failed-tolerances Failed tolerances       yes yes Invoice::FailedTolerance
folio-number Folio Number         yes string(255)
form-of-payment Payment Form         yes string(255)
gross-total Gross Total         yes decimal
gross_total_less_discount Invoice total after applying the discount     any   yes decimal
handling-amount Handling amount       yes yes decimal(32,4)
id Coupa unique identifier         yes integer
image-scan Invoice Image Scan attachment filename         yes string(255)
image-scan-url Invoice Image Scan URL. Must begin with 'http://' or 'https://'.     yes string(255)
inbound-invoice Inbound invoice reference         yes Inbound Invoice
inbox-name Inbox Name         yes string
internal-note Internal Note       yes yes text
invoice-charges Invoice charges       yes yes Invoice Charge
invoice-date Date of Invoice yes     yes yes datetime
invoice-from-address Invoice from address yes*       yes Supplier Remit To
invoice-lines Record identifier       yes yes Invoice Line
invoice-number Invoice number yes     yes yes string(40)
invoice-payment-receipts Invoice related payment receipts information         yes Invoice Payment Receipt 
invoice-reference-number Invoice Reference Number (IRN)       yes yes  
issuance-place Issuance Place         yes string(255)
last-exported-at Date and time transaction was last exported in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ   yes datetime
late-payment-penalties Late Payment Penalties       yes yes string(255)
legal-destination-country Legal destination country used for compliance     See the Compliant Country List.   yes Country 
line-level-taxation Flag indicating whether taxes are provided at line level in this invoice yes     yes yes boolean
lock-version-key Lock Version         yes integer
margin-scheme Reason for using margin scheme       yes yes string(255)
misc-amount Miscellaneous Amount       yes yes decimal(32,4)
net-due-date Net Due Date calculated based on the net payment terms         yes datetime
net_total_less_discount Net total after applying the discount     any   yes decimal
origin-country Country of origin used for compliance         yes Country
origin-currency-gross Local Currency Gross yes*       yes decimal(32,4)
origin-currency-net Local Currency Net yes*       yes decimal(32,4)
original-invoice-date Original invoice date required when is-credit-note=true yes**       yes datetime
original-invoice-number Original invoice date required when is-credit-note=true yes**       yes string(40)
paid Paid       yes yes boolean
payment-channel How the invoice payment will be handled - ERP (default), Coupa Pay Virtual Card, Coupa Pay Invoice Payment no no any   yes string(255)
payment-date Date of payment for invoice       yes yes datetime
payment-method Payment Method         yes string(255)
payment-notes Notes included with payment for invoice       yes yes text
payment-order-reference Payment Order Reference       yes yes string(255)
payment-term Payment term code on invoice       yes yes Payment Term
payments Payments       yes yes Payment
pre-payment-date Pre-Payment Date       yes yes datetime
reconciliation-lines Reconciliation lines       yes   Invoice/Reconciliation Line
remit-to-address Remit to Address yes     yes yes Remit To Address
requested-by Requester on the invoice         yes User
reverse-charge-reference Reverse Charge Reference       yes yes string(255)
self-billing-reference Self billing reference on the invoice       yes yes string(255)
sender-email Sender Email         yes string(255)
series Series         yes string(255)
ship-from-address Ship from address yes       yes Supplier Remit To
ship-to-address Ship to Address       yes yes Address
shipping-amount Shipping Amount       yes yes decimal(32,4)
shipping-term Shipping term code on invoice         yes Shipping Term
show-tax-information Show tax information in the invoice         yes boolean
status Invoice Status         yes string(50)
supplier Supplier Name or Number       yes yes Supplier
supplier-created Supplier created indicator for invoice         yes boolean
supplier-note Note provided by supplier       yes yes text
supplier-remit-to Supplier provided remit to address yes     yes yes Supplier Remit To
supplier-tax-registration Supplier tax registration yes*       yes Tax Registration
supplier-total Supplier Total         yes decimal
taggings Taggings       yes yes Tagging
tags Tag (Deprecated, please use Taggings association to add Tags onto InvoiceHeader)   yes yes Tag
tax-amount Tax amount (not used if tax is provided at line level)   yes yes decimal
tax-amount-engine Tax amount calculated by either Coupa Native or External Tax Engine based on configuration     yes decimal
tax-code Tax code (not used if tax is provided at line level)       yes yes string(255)
tax-due-to-supplier Tax due to the supplier         yes decimal(32,4)
tax-lines Line tax code (not used if tax is provided at header level)       yes yes Tax Line
tax-rate Tax rate (not used if tax is provided at line level)       yes yes float
taxes-in-origin-country-currency Local Currency Tax yes*       yes decimal(32,4)
tolerance-failures Tolerance Failure         yes string(512)
total-with-taxes Total with taxes         yes decimal
total_taxes_less_discount Total taxes after applying the discount     any   yes decimal
type-of-receipt Type of Receipt         yes string(255)
type-of-relationship Type of Relationship         yes string(255)
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ   yes datetime
updated-by User who updated         yes User
use-of-invoice Use of the Invoice         yes string(255)
withholding-tax-lines Withholding tax lines       yes yes Withholding Tax Line
withholding-tax-override Withholding Tax Override         yes decimal(30,3)

Required fields marked with an asterisk * are additional required fields for compliant invoices.  Required fields marked with two asterisks ** are only required when is-credit-note=true .

Compliant Country List

This list shows which countries are permitted for compliant invoicing. It is not a list of compliant countries Coupa currently supports.

#id Code Name
14 AU Australia
15 AT Austria
22 BE Belgium
31 BR Brazil
34 BG Bulgaria
39 CA Canada
53 HR Croatia
55 CY Cyprus
56 CZ Czech Republic
58 DK Denmark
67 EE Estonia
72 FI Finland
73 FR France
79 DE Germany
82 GB United Kingdom
83 GR Greece
96 HK Hong Kong
97 HU Hungary
98 IS Iceland
103 IE Ireland
104 IL Israel
105 IT Italy
108 JP Japan
118 LV Latvia
123 LI Liechtenstein
124 LT Lithuania
125 LU Luxembourg
133 MT Malta
138 MX Mexico
141 MC Monaco
144 MA Morocco
151 NL Netherlands
154 NZ New Zealand
161 NO Norway
171 PL Poland
173 PT Portugal
175 QA Qatar
177 RO Romania
183 SA Saudi Arabia
187 SG Singapore
188 SK Slovakia
189 SI Slovenia
192 ZA South Africa
193 ES Spain
204 SE Sweden
205 CH Switzerland
222 AE

United Arab Emirates

223 US United States
250 IM Isle Of Man
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