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Getting Started


Through the use of our Common Flat File Format's, our customers are able to quickly develop and deploy flat file integrations to their applications. Check out the topics below for the full details on how to use the common format to bring data in and out of Coupa, along with how to handle custom fields.

Import (Data from CSV to Coupa)

Custom fields on the imported CSV file allows data to be loaded to custom fields. These can be customized in the individual customer's integration configurations. On Inbound Files, the columns on these fields should be the 'prompt name' of the custom field in Coupa. Any custom fields that are not mapped to custom field in the instance should be omitted from the file.

Export (Data from Coupa to CSV)

Custom fields on the exported CSV files allow additional data to be included in the outbound CSV file. The main use of the custom fields on the CSV is to pull in data from Coupa's Custom Fields, but can also be used to pull data from related objects not included in the default output format.


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