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Payables :: External :: Payable Import

Payables :: External :: Payable Columns

Column Name Description Req'd Unique Type Allowable Values
Source Reference* Unique reference number from source system true false string(255) any
Source Name* Source system name true false string(50) any
Document Number* Document number true false string(255) any
Document Type* Document type true false string(50) valid document types
Document Date* Document date true false datetime any
Document Amount* Total document amount true false decimal(30,6) any
Due Date* Due date true false datetime any
Payable Amount Amount to pay true false decimal(30,6) any
Status A value of 'voided' will void the specified payable, all other values will be ignored false false string(50) any
Currency Code Currency code false false   any
Chart of Accounts Chart of Accounts name false false   any
Payee ID Payee ID false false   any
Payee Number Payee Number false false   any
Payee Name Payee Name false false   any
Discount Amount Discount amount false false   any
Discount Due Date Discount due date false false   any
Employee ID Employee ID false false   any
Employee Login Employee Login false false   any
Employee Email Employee Email false false   any
Remit-To Code Remit-To address code false false   any
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