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Purchase Order Change Import

Purchase Order Header Change columns

Column Name Description Req'd Unique Type Allowable Values
Header Header No No    
Action Action No No    
Order Header ID Order Header ID No No integer  
Currency Code Currency Code No No    
Payment Method Payment Method No No string(255)  
Payment Term Code Payment Term Code No No    
PCard Name PCard Name No No    
Hide Price Hide Price No No boolean  
Shipping Term Code Shipping Term Code No No    
Ship To Location Code Ship To Location Code No No    
Ship To Attention Ship To Attention No No string(255)  
Ship To Email Ship To Email No No    
Ship To Login Ship To Login No No    
Supplier Name Supplier Name No No    
Supplier Number Supplier Number No No    
Supplier Site Code Supplier Site Code No No    
Transmission Emails Transmission Emails No No text  
Transmission Method Override Transmission Method Override Yes No string(30) supplier_default, email, do_not_transmit
Department Name Department Name No No    
Line Line No No    
Line Number Line Number No No    
Chart of Account Name Chart of Account Name No No    
Account Code Account Code No No    
Account Name Account Name No No    
Account Segment 1 Account Segment 1 No No    
Account Segment 2 Account Segment 2 No No    
Account Segment 3 Account Segment 3 No No    
Account Segment 4 Account Segment 4 No No    
Account Segment 5 Account Segment 5 No No    
Account Segment 6 Account Segment 6 No No    
Account Segment 7 Account Segment 7 No No    
Account Segment 8 Account Segment 8 No No    
Account Segment 9 Account Segment 9 No No    
Account Segment 10 Account Segment 10 No No    
Account Segment 11 Account Segment 11 No No    
Account Segment 12 Account Segment 12 No No    
Account Segment 13 Account Segment 13 No No    
Account Segment 14 Account Segment 14 No No    
Account Segment 15 Account Segment 15 No No    
Account Segment 16 Account Segment 16 No No    
Account Segment 17 Account Segment 17 No No    
Account Segment 18 Account Segment 18 No No    
Account Segment 19 Account Segment 19 No No    
Account Segment 20 Account Segment 20 No No    
Budget Period Name Budget Period Name No No    
Catalog Item Name Catalog Item Name No No    
Catalog Item Number Catalog Item Number No No    
Commodity Name Commodity Name No No    
Contract Name Contract Name No No    
Contract Number Contract Number No No    
Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Name No No    
Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Part Number No No    
Need By Date Need By Date No No    
Non Catalog Item Description Non Catalog Item Description No No    
Price Price No No    
Quantity Quantity No No    
Savings Pct Savings Pct No No    
Supplier Aux Part Number Supplier Aux Part Number No No    
Supplier Part Number Supplier Part Number No No    
UOM Code UOM Code No No    
Account Allocation Account Allocation No No    
Amount Amount No No    
Percent Percent No No    
Payment Agreement Payment Agreement No No    
Record Identifier Record Identifier No No    
Type Type No No    
Recurring Recurring No No    
Amount Type Amount Type No No    
Description Description No No    
Due Date Due Date No No    
Start Date Start Date No No    
End Date End Date No No    
Frequency Frequency No No    
Interval Interval No No    


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