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Quote Request Line Import


The Quote Request Line Import is used on sourcing events. You can add quote request lines to sourcing events via the UI in the Details section of the sourcing event. Quote request lines cannot be loaded via SFTP. 


  • None - quote request lines cannot be updated once loaded. They can be deleted from the UI.


Quote request line columns

Column Name Description Req'd Unique Type Allowable Values
Type Type (service or item) TRUE FALSE   any
Quantity Quantity if not a service line TRUE FALSE decimal(30,6) any
UOM code UOM code. Must exist in Coupa TRUE FALSE   any
Position Position of Quote Request Line FALSE FALSE   any
Base Price Base Price for Item FALSE FALSE decimal(30,6) any
Currency Currency for Base Price FALSE FALSE   any
Description Description of Item TRUE FALSE string(255) any
Commodity Commodity Name. Must Exist in Coupa FALSE FALSE   any
Start date Start date FALSE FALSE   any
End date End date FALSE FALSE   any
Initial Price Initial Price FALSE FALSE   any
Incremental Increase Incremental Increase FALSE FALSE   any
Incremental Increase Unit Incremental Increase Unit FALSE FALSE   any
Need by date Need by date FALSE FALSE datetime any
Easy Form Easy Form Name. Must Exist in Coupa and be a Sourcing Form. FALSE FALSE   any
Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Name FALSE FALSE string(255) any
Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Part Number FALSE FALSE string(255) any
Item Description Extended Description for Item FALSE FALSE text any
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