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Coupa Success Portal

Supplier Information API

The URL to access supplier information is: https://<instance>/api/supplier information

See Integration Best Practices for more info.


The Supplier Information API allows you to:

Verb Path Action Description
POST /api/supplier_information create Create
GET /api/supplier_information index Index
GET /api/supplier_information/:id show Show
PATCH /api/supplier_information/:id update Update
PUT /api/supplier_information/:id update Update


The following elements are available for the Supplier Information API:

Element Description Required Field? Unique? Allowable Value Api_In Field? Api_Out Field? Data Type
allow-cxml-invoicing Allow cXML Invoicing         yes boolean
allow-inv-choose-billing-account Allow Choosing Billing Account in Invoicing         yes boolean
allow-inv-from-connect Allow Invoicing from Connect         yes boolean
allow-inv-no-backing-doc-from-connect Allow Invoicing with no Backing Doc from Connect         yes boolean
allow-inv-unbacked-lines-from-connect Allow Invoicing with Unbacked Lines from Connect         yes boolean
backend-system-catalog Backend System Used for Catalog Management     CatBase, Elastic, iPartner Product Suite, Claritum, Contalog, CatalognTime, Advizia, Aravo, MatrixCMX, SigmaCommerce yes yes string
backend-system-invoicing Backend System Used for Invoice     SAP, Oracle yes yes string
buyer-hold Hold POs for buyer review         yes boolean
buyer-id Buyer ID       yes yes integer
comment Comment Text       yes yes text
comment-source Comment Source       yes yes string
commodity-id Commodity ID         yes integer
country-of-operation Country of Operation         yes
country-of-operation-id Country of Operation ID       yes   integer
created-at SIM Record Create Date and Time         yes datetime
created-by SIM record created by User         yes User
currency-id Currency ID         yes integer
cxml-domain cXML Domain yes       yes string
cxml-identity cXML Identity yes       yes string
cxml-protocol cXML Protocol yes       yes string
cxml-secret cXML Secret yes       yes string
cxml-ssl-version cXML SSL Version         yes string
cxml-supplier-domain cXML Supplier Domain yes       yes string
cxml-supplier-identity cXML Supplier Identity yes       yes string
cxml-url cXML URL yes       yes string
default-commodity Default Commodity         yes
default-commodity-id Default Commodity       yes   integer
default-invoice-email Default Invoice Email         yes string
disable-cert-verify Disable Cert Verify         yes boolean
display-name Supplier Display Name       yes yes string
duns-number Dun and Bradstreet Number       yes yes string
duplicate-exists Duplicate Exists         yes boolean
estimated-spend-amount Estimate Spend Amount         yes decimal
fed-reportable Federal Tax Reportable Indicator       yes yes boolean
federal-tax-num Federal Tax ID Number       yes yes  
goods-services-provided Goods and Services Provided       yes yes string
govt-agency-interaction Government Agency Interaction Explanation       yes yes text
govt-agency-interaction-indicator Government Agency Interaction Indicator       yes yes boolean
govt-allegation-fraud-bribery Supplier policy for government allegations of fraud and bribery       yes yes string
govt-allegation-fraud-bribery-indicator Does the supplier have a policy for government allegations of fraud and bribery?       yes yes boolean
hold-invoices-for-ap-review Hold Invoices for AP Review         yes boolean
hold-payment Hold Payment       yes yes text
hold-payment-indicator Hold Payment Indicator       yes yes boolean
id SIM ID         yes integer
inbound-invoice-domain Inbound Invoice Email Domain         yes string
inco-terms Inco Terms     EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF yes yes string
income-type Income Type       yes yes string
industry Primary Industry of Supplier       yes yes string
intl-other-explanation International Tax Classification Explanation       yes yes text
intl-tax-classification International Tax Classification     Active NFFE, Passive NFFE (including trusts), Exempt beneficial owner, Deemed compliant FFI, Canadian Financial Institution, Other Partner Jurisdiction Financial Institution, Participating Foreign Financial Institution, Non Participating Financial Institution, Specified U.S. Person, Not a Specified U.S. Person yes yes string
intl-tax-num International Tax Number       yes yes string
invoice-amount-limit Invoice Amount Limit       yes yes text
invoice-inbound-emails Invoice Inbound Emails         yes text
invoice-matching-level Invoice Matching Level         yes string
last-exported-at Last Exported Flag         yes string
logo-content-type Logo content type         yes string
logo-file-name Logo file name         yes string
logo-file-size Logo file size         yes integer
logo-updated-at Logo updated at         yes datetime
minority-indicator MWBE Indicator       yes yes boolean
minority-type-id Minority Type     1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 yes yes integer
name Supplier name yes     yes yes string
organization-type Organization Type     Corporation, Foreign Corporation, Individual, Foreign Individual, Partnership, Foreign Partnership yes yes string
parent-company-name Parent Company Name       yes yes string
pay-group Pay Group     Direct Debit, Standard, Customer Refund, Employee, Intercompany, Lease, Partner Referral, Rent, Tax, Util/Telecom yes yes string
payment-term Payment Term       yes  
payment-terms-id Payment Terms         yes integer
po-change-method PO Change Method     cxml, xml, email, prompt, mark_as_sent, buy_online   yes string
po-email PO Email yes       yes string
po-method PO Method     cxml, xml, email, prompt, mark_as_sent, buy_online   yes string
policy-for-bribery-corruption Supplier policy for bribery and corruption       yes yes text
policy-for-bribery-corruption-indicator Does the supplier have a policy for bribery and corruption?       yes yes boolean
preferred-currency Preferred Currency       yes yes Currency
preferred-currency-id Default Currency ID       yes   integer
preferred-language Preferred Language       yes yes
preferred-language-id Preferred Language ID       yes   integer
savings-pct Savings Percentage         yes decimal
send-invoices-to-approvals Send Invoices to Approvals         yes boolean
separate-remit-to Separate Remit To       yes yes boolean
shipping-term-id Shipping Term ID         yes integer
social-security-number Social Security Number       yes yes string
status status yes     yes yes string
supplier-id Supplier ID         yes integer
supplier-information-addresses Addresses Sub-Object       yes yes
supplier-information-artifacts Artifacts/Attachments Sub-Object       yes yes
supplier-information-contacts Contacts Sub-Object       yes yes
supplier-region Supplier Region     AMER, EMEA, APAC, Japan yes yes string
tax-classification US Tax Classification     1099, C Corp, Customer Refund, Exempt 1099, Tax Authority, Tax & Gov, Vendor, Non Profit, Partner Referral, S Corp, Foreign Company yes yes string
tax-code-id Tax Code ID         yes integer
tax-exempt-other-explanation Tax Exempt Explanation       yes yes string
tax-region Tax Region     US, International yes yes string
third-party-interaction Supplier policy for Third Party Interactions       yes yes text
third-party-interaction-indicator Supplier has a policy for its Third Party Interactions?       yes yes boolean
updated-at SIM Record Updated Date and Time         yes datetime
updated-by SIM record updated by User         yes User
user-id User ID         yes integer
website Website         yes string
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