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Inventory Transactions API

The URL to access inventory transactions is: https://<instance>/api/inventory_transactions

Receipts fall under Inventory Transactions. If you want to pull receipts from Coupa you would use this API.

See Integration Best Practices for more info.


Inventory Transactions allows you to:

Verb Path Action Description
POST /api/inventory_transactions create Create inventory transaction
GET /api/inventory_transactions index Query inventory transactions
GET /api/inventory_transactions/:id show Show inventory transaction
PATCH /api/inventory_transactions/:id update Update inventory transaction
PUT /api/inventory_transactions/:id update Update inventory transaction
PUT /api/inventory_transactions/:id/void void Perform Void action on inventory transaction


As of Release 16.5, Quantity and Type are required fields.

Element Description Type API In API Out Required Length Allowable Values
account Receipt Account Code Account Yes No -    
account-allocations account_allocations InventoryTxnAllocation Yes No -    
barcode Barcode Value string Yes No -    
currency currency code Currency No No -    
exported Has the transaction been exported? integer Yes No -    
from-warehouse Warehouse ID Warehouse No No -    
from-warehouse-location Coupa's Internal From-Warehouse-Location ID WarehouseLocation Yes No -    
inspection-code Inspection Code InspectionCode Yes No -    
item item Item Yes No -    
order-line Item Number OrderLine Yes No -    
OrderAmountLine Match type string     No   any
OrderAmountLine Receiving warehouse       No   any
OrderHeader type string     No   any
OrderHeader Ship to attention string     No   any
OrderHeader Currency of transaction       No   any
OrderHeader PO Number string(20)     Yes   any
OrderHeader PO Supplier Version Number - Increase each time a PO is changed and triggers a resend to the supplier. integer     No   any
OrderHeader payment_method string     No   any
OrderLine Match type string     No   any
OrderLine Receiving warehouse       No   any
price Item Price decimal Yes No -    
quantity Receipt Quantity decimal Yes Yes 16.5 and later -    
receipt receipt Receipt No No -    
receiving-form-response receiving_form_response FormResponse No No -    
rfid-tag RFID Tag Value string Yes Yes -    
status Inventory Transaction Status string Yes No -    
to-warehouse Warehouse ID Warehouse No No -    
to-warehouse-location Coupa's Internal To-Warehouse-Location ID WarehouseLocation Yes No -    
total Receipt Total decimal Yes No -    
type Inventory Transaction Type string Yes Yes 16.5 and later -    
uom Unit of Measure Code Uom Yes No -    
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