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Invoices API

The URL to access invoices is: https://<instance>/api/invoices

Currently, Coupa doesn't support POST of invoices using our API. if you need to load invoices into Coupa, consider using our Invoice flat file integration. See Invoice Payment API for more information on how to post invoice payment information back into Coupa from your financial system.

See Integration Best Practices for more info.


Invoice API allows you to:

Verb Path Action Description
PUT /api/invoices/:id/dispute dispute Dispute invoice
PUT /api/invoices/:id/flip_to_advance_ship_notice flip_to_advance_ship_notice Flip invoice to Advance Ship Notice
PUT /api/invoices/:id/image_scan image_scan Update image scan attachment
GET /api/invoices index Query invoices
GET /api/invoices/:id/retrieve_image_scan retrieve_image_scan Retrieve/Download image scan
GET /api/invoices/:id show Show invoice
PUT /api/invoices/:id/submit submit Submit draft invoice for approval
GET /api/invoices/new/submit_for_approval submit_for_approval Submit for approval
PATCH /api/invoices/:id update Update invoice
PUT /api/invoices/:id update Update invoice
PUT /api/invoices/:id/update_line_accounts update_line_accounts Update line accounts
PUT /api/invoices/:id/void void Void an approved invoice


Element Description Type API In API Out Required Length Allowable Values
account-type account_type AccountType Yes Yes No -  
api-out-tax-code api_out_tax_code integer   Yes No -  
api-out-tax-rate api_out_tax_rate integer   Yes No -  
approvals approvals integer   Yes No -  
attachments attachments integer   Yes No -  
bill-to-address bill_to_address Address Yes Yes Yes -  
cash-accounting-scheme-reference Note if using cash accounting scheme string Yes Yes      
comments Comments on the invoice that are visible to the supplier. string Yes Yes No 255  
compliant Determines if the invoice is legally compliant. boolean   Yes No -  
contract Backing contract number Contract Yes Yes No -  
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ datetime   Yes No -  
created-by User who created integer   Yes No -  
credit-reason The reason of creating the credit string Yes Yes      
currency currency code Currency Yes Yes No -  
current-integration-history-records current_integration_history_records integer   Yes No -  
destination-country destination_country integer   Yes No -  
discount-amount discount_amount decimal   Yes No -  
discount-due-date discount_due_date datetime   Yes No -  
document-type document_type integer   Yes No -  
early-payment-provisions Early payment incentives string Yes Yes      
exchange-rate Exchange Rate decimal Yes Yes      
exported? Indicates if transaction has been exported integer   Yes No -  
gross-total-as-money gross_total_as_money integer   Yes      
handling-amount Summary handling amount added to the invoice by the supplier. decimal Yes Yes No 30,2  
id Coupa unique identifier integer   Yes No 255  
image-scan Invoice Image Scan attachment filename string   Yes No -  
image-scan-url Invoice Image Scan URL. Must begin with 'http://' or 'https://'. string   Yes No -  
inbound-invoice inbound_invoice integer   Yes No -  
internal-note Text field for comments from the supplier. text Yes Yes No 65535  
invoice-date Date of Invoice datetime Yes Yes Yes -  
InvoiceHeader reverse_charge_reference string     No   any
InvoiceHeader tags       No   any
InvoiceLine tags       No   any
invoice-lines Record identifier InvoiceLine Yes Yes No -  
invoiceLine tax_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoiceLine shipping_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoiceLine handling_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoiceLine misc_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoiceLineAllocation tax_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoiceLineAllocation shipping_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoiceLineAllocation handling_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoiceLineAllocation misc_distributation_total decimal     No   any
invoice-number The user-created invoice number. string(40) Yes Yes Yes -  
last-exported-at Date and time transaction was last exported in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ datetime   Yes No -  
late-payment-penalties Late Payment Penalties string Yes Yes      
legal-destination-country legal_destination_country integer   Yes No -  
line-level-taxation Flag indicating whether taxes are provided at line level in this invoice boolean Yes Yes No -  
margin-scheme Reason for using margin scheme string Yes Yes      
misc-amount Summary charge added to the invoice by the supplier. decimal Yes Yes No 30,2  
net-due-date net_due_date datetime   Yes No -  
origin-country origin_country integer   Yes No -  
original-invoice-date original_invoice_date datetime   Yes Yes -  
original-invoice-number original_invoice_number string   Yes Yes -  
paid paid boolean Yes Yes No -  
payment-date payment_date datetime Yes Yes No -  
payment-notes payment_notes text Yes Yes No -  
payment-term Payment term code on invoice PaymentTerm Yes Yes No -  
payments payments Payment Yes Yes No -  
remit-to-address remit_to_address RemitToAddress Yes Yes No -  
requested-by requested_by integer   Yes No -  
ship-to-address ship_to_address Address Yes Yes No -  
shipping-amount Summary shipping charge added to the invoice by the supplier. decimal Yes Yes No 30,2  
shipping-term Shipping term code on invoice integer   Yes No -  
status The current status of the invoice. string   Yes No -  
supplier Supplier Name or Number Supplier Yes Yes No -  
supplier-created? supplier_created? integer   Yes No -  
supplier-note Text field for comments from the supplier. text Yes Yes No 65535  
supplier-remit-to supplier_remit_to integer Yes Yes No -  
supplier-total supplier_total integer   Yes No -  
tax-amount Tax amount (not used if tax is provided at line level) integer Yes        
tax-amount-engine tax_amount_engine decimal   Yes No -  
tax-code Tax code (not used if tax is provided at line level) TaxCode Yes   No -  
tax-lines Line tax code (not used if tax is provided at header level) TaxLine Yes Yes No -  
tax-rate Tax rate (not used if tax is provided at line level) float Yes   No -  
tolerance-failures tolerance_failures string   Yes No -  
total-tax total_tax integer   Yes No -  
total-with-taxes-as-money total_with_taxes_as_money integer   Yes No -  
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ datetime   Yes No -  
updated-by User who updated integer   Yes No -  
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