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Currencies API

Use the currencies API to create, update, or query the different currencies your account has set up within Coupa.

The URL to access currencies is: https://<instance>/api/currencies

See Integration Best Practices for more info.


The Currencies API allows you to:

Verb Path Action Description
POST /api/currencies create Create currency
GET /api/currencies index Query currencies
GET /api/currencies/:id show Show currency
PATCH /api/currencies/:id update Update currency
PUT /api/currencies/:id update Update currency


The following elements are available for the Currencies API:

Element Description Required Field? Unique? Allowable Value Api_In Field? Api_Out Field? Data Type
code code yes yes   yes yes string
created-by created_by         yes User
decimals decimals         yes integer
enabled-flag enabled_flag       yes   boolean
id Coupa unique identifier         yes integer
name name yes yes   yes   string
symbol symbol       yes   string
updated-by updated_by         yes User
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