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Invoice Line API


Element Description Type API In API Out Required Length Allowable Values
account account Account  yes yes yes    
account-allocations account_allocations InvoiceLineAllocation  yes yes      
accounting-total accounting_total decimal(30,3)   yes      
accounting-total-currency accounting_total_currency Currency    yes      
billing-note Billing note text yes yes      
contract contract Contract  yes yes      
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ datetime   yes      
created-by User who created User    yes      
currency Currency of transaction Currency  yes yes      
delivery-note-number Delivery Note Number string(255) yes yes      
description description string(1550) yes yes yes    
failed-tolerances Failed tolerances InvoiceTolerance   yes      
handling-distribution-total Handling distribution total decimal(32,4)   yes      
id Coupa unique identifier integer   yes      
item item Item  yes yes      
line-num line_num integer yes yes      
line-type line type   yes        
match-reference Three-way match attribute to connect with Receipt and ASN Line string(255) yes yes      
misc-distribution-total Misc distribution total decimal(32,4)   yes      
net-weight net_weight decimal(30,6) yes yes      
order-header-num order_header_num     yes      
order-line-commodity order_line_commodity     yes      
order-line-custom-fields order_line_custom_fields     yes      
order-line-id order_line_id integer yes yes      
order-line-num order_line_num     yes      
original-date-of-supply Original Date of Supply datetime yes yes      
period period Period  yes yes      
po-number Po number     yes      
price price decimal(46,20) yes yes yes    
price-per-uom price_per_uom decimal(30,6) yes yes      
quantity quantity decimal(30,6) yes yes      
shipping-distribution-total Shipping distribution total decimal(32,4)   yes      
status transaction status string(255)   yes      
taggings Taggings Tagging  yes yes      
tags Tags Tag yes yes      
tax-amount tax_amount decimal yes yes      
tax-amount-engine Tax amount engine     yes      
tax-code tax_code TaxCode  yes yes      
tax-description tax_description     yes      
tax-distribution-total Tax distribution total decimal(32,4)   yes      
tax-lines tax_lines TaxLine  yes yes      
tax-location tax_location     yes      
tax-rate tax_rate   yes yes      
tax-supply-date tax_supply_date     yes      
total total decimal(46,20)   yes      
type type string(100) yes yes      
uom unit of measure Uom  yes yes      
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ datetime   yes      
updated-by User who updated User    yes      
weight-uom weight_uom Uom  yes yes      
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