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Matching Allocation Export

Matching Allocation Columns

Column Name Description Req'd Unique Type Allowable Values
type Describes the type of row FALSE FALSE MatchingAllocation' - String any
order-line-id The unique identifier Coupa assigns to the corresponding line on the purchase order (if any). FALSE FALSE integer any
order-header-number The order header number. FALSE FALSE string(20) any
order-line-num The order line number FALSE FALSE string(255) any
invoice-line-id The unique identifier Coupa assigns to the invoice line. FALSE FALSE integer any
receipt-id The unique identifier Coupa assigns to the receipt. FALSE FALSE integer any
match-reference-key The match reference key as described in the receipt used to trigger a match attempt to a candidate invoice line. FALSE FALSE string(255) any
quantity The quantity of the invoice line item. TRUE FALSE decimal(32,4) any
amount The total amount of the receipt allocation to this invoice line. TRUE FALSE decimal(32,4) any
uom The unit of measure code. It must already exist in Coupa. FALSE FALSE string(6) any
currency The currency code of the transaction. FALSE FALSE string(6) any
status Describes the current status of this allocation record, If the allocation described in this record is active or has been voided. Can have values in Void, Matched. FALSE FALSE string(50) any
custom-field-1 Integration Custom Field 1 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-2 Integration Custom Field 2 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-3 Integration Custom Field 3 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-4 Integration Custom Field 4 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-5 Integration Custom Field 5 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-6 Integration Custom Field 6 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-7 Integration Custom Field 7 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-8 Integration Custom Field 8 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-9 Integration Custom Field 9 FALSE FALSE string(255) any
custom-field-10 Integration Custom Field 10 FALSE FALSE string(255) any

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