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Supplier Information Address API


This API resource is associated with the Supplier Information API.


Element Description Required Field? Unique? Allowable Value Api_In Field? Api_Out Field? Data Type
account-type-item Bank Account Type       yes yes string(255)
active Active       yes yes boolean
address-name Address Name       yes yes string(255)
bank-account-number Bank Account Number       yes yes  
bank-address Bank Address       yes yes string(255)
bank-city Bank City       yes yes string(255)
bank-country Bank Country       yes yes Country 
bank-fax-phone Bank Fax       yes yes Phone Number 
bank-postal-code Bank Postal Code       yes yes string(255)
bank-routing-number Bank Account Routing Number       yes yes  
bank-state-region Bank State       yes yes string(255)
bank-work-phone Bank Work Phone       yes yes Phone Number 
bic BIC       yes yes  
bic-routing-code BIC Routing Code       yes yes  
bsb-number BSB Number (Australian Routing Code)       yes yes  
city City       yes yes string(255)
country Country       yes yes Country 
created-at Created Date and Time         yes datetime
created-by User who created         yes integer
csp-tra-id Coupa Supplier Portal Remit-to Address ID         yes integer
iban-number IBAN Number       yes yes  
id Address ID         yes integer
intermediary-bank-name Intermediary Bank Name       yes yes string(255)
international-bank-account-number International Bank Account Number (IBAN)       yes yes  
kind Address Type     RTA, User, Primary yes yes string(255)
location-code Remit To Location Code / Address ID / Key       yes yes string(255)
name-on-bank-account Name on Bank Account       yes yes string(255)
payment-method-item Payment Method     tran, cash, cred, pcard yes yes string(255)
po-box PO Box       yes yes string(255)
po-box-postal-code PO Box Postal Code       yes yes string(255)
postal-code Postal Code       yes yes string(255)
sort-code Sort Code       yes yes  
state-region State       yes yes string(255)
street-address Street Address 1       yes yes string(255)
street-address2 Street Address 2       yes yes string(255)
supplier-information-id Supplier Information ID         yes integer(11)
swift-code SWIFT Code       yes yes  
updated-at Last Updated Date and Time         yes datetime
updated-by User who updated         yes User 


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