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Remit-to Addresses Import


The Remit To Address Import process read files from ./Incoming/RemitToAddresses/ in the SFTP. These files will be moved to the archive folder located at ./Incoming/Archive/RemitToAddresses/ before being processed in alphanumeric order.


  • Id
  • Supplier Number
  • Remit To Code.


You can update any field if you specify Id. If there's no Id, then Coupa uses the combination of Supplier Number and Remit To Code to lookup an existing record.

Remit-to Address Columns

Column Name Description Req'd Unique Type Allowable Values
Name Nickname that will help users identify the address TRUE FALSE string(255) any
Id Coupa's unique ID for the remit-to address FALSE TRUE integer(11) any
Active Possible values are yes or no FALSE FALSE boolean Yes/No, True/False, Y/N, T/F
Line1* Street Line 1 of the address TRUE FALSE string(100) any
Line2 Street Line 2 of the address FALSE FALSE string(100) any
City* City of the address TRUE FALSE string(50) any
State State of the address FALSE FALSE string(255) any
Postal Code* Enter in the zip code or postal code TRUE FALSE string(50) any
Country Code* Enter in 2-digit ISO standard Country Code TRUE FALSE string(4) Any ISO3166-1 two letter country code
Attention Fill in if you want a specific person or group to be in the attention field on the address FALSE FALSE string(255) any
Address Type Indicates that this address is a remit to address or not. Should be RemitToAddress. TRUE FALSE string(255) RemitToAddress
Supplier Number Enter supplier number for remit to address TRUE FALSE string(255) Supplier Number for an existing supplier
Remit To Code* Unique identifying code per supplier TRUE TRUE string(255) any
Tax Number Remit To Address Tax Number FALSE FALSE string(255) any
Tax Country Code Remit To Address Tax Country Code FALSE FALSE string(4) any
Local Tax Number Local Tax Number FALSE FALSE string(255) any
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