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Coupa Success Portal

Suppliers Export


The suppliers export process from Coupa queries for all suppliers. The frequency of the integration run is once per day. The generated files will be placed into ./Outgoing/Suppliers.

Supplier Headers Export

# Column Name Description Req'd/Unique Type Allowable Values
1 Name Name Yes/Yes string(100) any
2 Status Status No/No string(20) any
3 Id Id No/No integer(11) any
4 Commodity Commodity No/No integer any
5 Supplier Number Supplier Number No/Yes string(255) any
6 Account Number Account Number No/No string(255) any
7 Tax ID Tax ID No/No string(255) any
8 DUNS DUNS No/No string(255) any
9 Online Store URL Online Store URL No/No string(255) any
10 Online Store Login Online Store Login No/No string(255) any
11 Primary Contact Email Primary Contact Email No/No string(255) any
12 Primary Contact Phone Work Primary Contact Phone Work No/No integer(11) any
13 Primary Contact Phone Mobile Primary Contact Phone Mobile No/No integer(11) any
14 Primary Contact Phone Fax Primary Contact Phone Fax No/No integer(11) any
15 Primary Contact Name Given Primary Contact Name Given No/No string(40) any
16 Primary Contact Name Family Primary Contact Name Family No/No string(40) any
17 Primary Address Street1 Primary Address Street1 No/No string(100) any
18 Primary Address Street2 Primary Address Street2 No/No string(100) any
19 Primary Address City Primary Address City No/No string(50) any
20 Primary Address State Primary Address State No/No string(50) any
21 Primary Address Postal Code Primary Address Postal Code No/No string(50) any
22 Primary Address Country Code Primary Address Country Code No/No string(100) any
23 Primary Address Tax Number Primary Address Tax Number No/No string(255) any
24 Primary Address Tax Country Code Primary Address Tax Country Code No/No string(100) any
25 Primary Address Local Tax Number Primary Address Local Tax Number No/No string(255) any
26 Invoice Matching Level Invoice Matching Level No/No string(255) 2-way, 3-way, none
27 Po Method Po Method No/No string(255) cxml, xml, email, prompt, mark_as_sent, buy_online
28 PO Change Method' PO Change Method' No/No string(255) cxml, xml, email, prompt, mark_as_sent, buy_online
29 Buyer Hold Buyer Hold No/No boolean Yes/No, True/False
30 PO Email PO Email Yes/No string(255) any
31 Payment Method Payment Method Yes/No string(255) invoice, pcard, invoice_only, pcard_only, virtual_card
32 Virtual Card Email Required when Payment Method is Virtual Card; Email where Virtual Cards are sent Yes/No string(255) any
33 Payment Terms Payment Terms No/No integer(11) any
34 Shipping Terms Shipping Terms No/No integer(11) any
35 PO cXML URL PO cXML URL Yes/No string(255) any
36 PO cXML Domain PO cXML Domain Yes/No string(255) any
37 PO cXML Identity PO cXML Identity Yes/No string(255) any
38 PO cXML Supplier Domain PO cXML Supplier Domain Yes/No string(255) any
39 PO cXML Supplier Identity PO cXML Supplier Identity Yes/No string(255) any
40 PO cXML Secret PO cXML Secret Yes/No string(940) any
41 PO cXML Protocol PO cXML Protocol Yes/No string(255) any
42 Savings (%) Savings (%) No/No decimal(8,2) any
43 On Hold On Hold No/No boolean Yes/No, True/False
44 Allow cXML Invoicing Allow cXML Invoicing No/No boolean Yes/No, True/False
45 cXML Invoicing - Supplier Domain cXML Invoicing - Supplier Domain Yes/No string(255) any
46 cXML Invoicing - Supplier Identity cXML Invoicing - Supplier Identity Yes/Yes string(255) any
47 cXML Invoicing - Buyer Domain cXML Invoicing - Buyer Domain Yes/No string(255) any
48 cXML Invoicing - Buyer Identity cXML Invoicing - Buyer Identity Yes/No string(255) any
49 cXML Invoicing Shared Key cXML Invoicing Shared Key Yes/No string(255) any
50 Invoice Emails Invoice Emails No/No string(255) any
51 Send Invoices To Approvals Send Invoices To Approvals No/No boolean Yes/No, True/False
52 Allow Invoicing From CSN Allow Invoicing From CSN No/No boolean Yes/No, True/False
53 Allow Invoicing No Backing Doc From CSN Allow Invoicing No Backing Doc From CSN No/No boolean Yes/No, True/False
54 custom-field-1 Integration Custom Field 1 No/No string(255) any
55 custom-field-2 Integration Custom Field 2 No/No string(255) any
56 custom-field-3 Integration Custom Field 3 No/No string(255) any
57 custom-field-4 Integration Custom Field 4 No/No string(255) any
58 custom-field-5 Integration Custom Field 5 No/No string(255) any
59 custom-field-6 Integration Custom Field 6 No/No string(255) any
60 custom-field-7 Integration Custom Field 7 No/No string(255) any
61 custom-field-8 Integration Custom Field 8 No/No string(255) any
62 custom-field-9 Integration Custom Field 9 No/No string(255) any
63 custom-field-10 Integration Custom Field 10 No/No string(255) any
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