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Setup Data

Setup Data

Field Description Req'd Unique Type Allowable Values
TypeCode (*) Must match an existing code under Setup Data Management. yes   String(64) any
DataCode (*) Enter the data code. yes   String(256) any
DisplayName (*) Enter the display name presented to the user. yes   String(256) any
Culture Enter the language of the setup data.        
ParentCode Must match an existing parent code under Setup Data Management.     String(256) any
OrderNumber Enter the row order number. This is the place where the new setup data displays.     Integer  
Description Enter a short description of the setup data.     String(256)  
Activated (*) Enter Yes to activate the organization. yes   Boolean Yes/No
ActivateDate Enter the date the setup data is active.     DateTime any
ScoreValue Enter the score value of the setup data element.     Decimal(10,2) any


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