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Coupa Certification


Coupa certification is the ideal way to showcase your Coupa knowledge and operational expertise. Coupa certification exams are rigorously developed and professionally administered, and credentials are granted only to those who successfully pass the certification exam.

Available Certification Courses

Coupa offers a variety of certification courses covering the Coupa Platform and applications. Certification course options include:

  • Analytics Certification
  • Contingent Workforce Certification
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Certification
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Advanced: Configuration Certification
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Advanced: Template Creation Certification
  • Coupa Platform Certification
  • Expense Management Certification
  • Risk Assess Configuration Certification
  • Risk Assess Power User Certification
  • Sourcing Certification
  • Sourcing Optimization Certification
  • Supplier Information Management Certification
  • Supply Chain Design & Planning
  • Treasury

Please log in to the Coupa University to see the complete list of certification courses.

Requirements for keeping your certification

After completing the Coupa Platform Certification and Training course exam, you will receive a certificate on your account. This certification is good for 2 years from the date of issue. After that period a recertification will be needed to keep your Coupa Certification current.

After each Coupa release (January, May, September), a training on that release will be published on the learning portal. It is highly recommended that you complete each new features training in order to keep your knowledge on the platform current. You can expect to spend about 45 to 60 minutes to complete the training and pass the accompanying exam.

Badges will be issued for completed release trainings to verify your updated certificate.

What happens when you leave a Coupa Customer or Partner company?

Your certification is tied to you. However you’ll lose access to the Coupa University portal and won’t be able to keep your certification current. Please contact us if you join an organization that’s a current Coupa customer or partner and we will transfer the certification.

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