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Coupa Success Portal

The Coupa Community Forum


The Coupa Community Forum is an online resource for customers and partners to communicate and collaborate with each other and with Coupa.

Primary Uses

  1. Ask Questions of other Coupa users as well as Coupa employees, about functionality, best-practices, implementation approaches, etc.,
  2. Submit Ideas for Coupa feature enhancements, collaborate with Coupa Product Management on these ideas, and get automatic notifications about plans.

How It Works

The Coupa Product Management team is very active on the Community and all product teams have goals around participation and engagement with the Community. In addition to creating new Ideas and Questions, Community members can follow others submissions, make comments on them, and endorse them by clicking Vote for Ideas and Me Too for Questions. In the case of Ideas, Coupa Product Managers will change the status of an Idea to Under ConsiderationPlanned or Implemented as appropriate. Often Coupa Product Managers will suggest alternatives or ask Community members to elaborate on their Ideas or ask how a particular planned feature would best solve customers problems.

Following ideas in the Community is a great way for customers to know what is planned and to influence product direction by explaining the business impact to them of existing and proposed functionality. Another resource are the Statements of Direction where each product team lays out the vision and high-level roadmap for their area.

As of April 2020, the Coupa Community Forum has over 7000 members, 11000 conversations, and over 1200 implemented Ideas. For the last 10 Coupa releases there has been over 60 Community Ideas implemented in each release, with an average of 65 per release. The Community is a very important source of input for Coupa's product roadmap, but there are over 2200 new conversations every year, so it is unfortunately not possible for Coupa to reply to all of them.

Registering for the Community Forum

The Community can be accessed at which redirects to Customers and partners can sign up for an account themselves and do not need to contact Coupa to join. Some notes on signing up:

  • Community members should sign up with their work email address.
  • A member's account on the Community is separate from other Coupa accounts, so existing logins/passwords will not work automatically.
  • Emails from the Community are typically from and they occasionally go to spam. Sometimes password reset and invite emails take a while to arrive. Be patient and check your spam folder if an email does not arrive as expected.

Community Forum Best Practices

  • Submitting an Idea or Question starts with the search box. The Community is designed this way to see if someone has already submitted something similar and to avoid creating duplicates. With over 10000 conversations, it's always best to start by searching for if a topic already exists. It makes for a better discussion if Ideas are consolidated.
  • The Community allows users to add Categories to Ideas and Questions. The Categories mostly correspond to Coupa product modules as well as some general ones like Support and Networking. It's always best to add the appropriate Category or Categories to a submission. 
  • Make Ideas narrow and specific so they can be discussed and prioritized independently. Do not combine lots of separate feature requests into one Idea topic.
  • Make sure to label submissions appropriately as a Question or an Idea. 
  • It's important to include the business impact of an Idea with details of why it's important. There will always be more good Ideas than we have time for in the near-term, so understanding the business impact to our customers helps us prioritize. Prioritization is not primarily based on votes, but on business impact and the ability of enhancements to add value to customers.
  • Make new Ideas their own topic so they can be discussed and prioritized on their own. There is a chance ideas can get lost if they are added as an aside to a related topic.
  • Try to phrase ideas clearly in general terms using Coupa terminology and avoid terms that are specific to your company. That makes it easier for other customers to chime in and endorse your idea.
  • Follow Ideas and Question you are interested in to get automatic email updates when there are new posts.
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