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Backend Data Changes, Mistakes, and Feature Requests

Backend Data Changes

No software is perfect, and occasionally there are defects that leave data in unexpected states. Any affected data will need to be put into the correct state so that the software can operate as intended. Sometimes, the defect can be fixed in the code. Other times, in rare cases, we may need to do a backend data change. 

Legacy code creates a certain level of risk to data and your instance should be upgraded to the latest code before data is changed.

Our data change process is reviewed, tested, and approved through proper change management, in accordance with industry best practices, and data changes are tracked internally for audit compliance. 

Backend data changes are handled via the Coupa Support process. Please open a case to initiate this process. 



Mistakes by users or admins can happen. It's an unfortunate occurrence, but it's often something that can be worked around through a few options. For some things, like incorrect receipts, we allow voiding within the product. Sometimes a temporary business process change can get you through for certain things. For inadvertently closed purchase orders, you may: re-issue the POs; or alert the vendor. 

We have a powerful API that can make changes to objects and simple code, which can be very useful for manipulating a large number of objects. Say you have 10000 invoices you want to void or resubmit for approval. With some basic scripting, you can loop over each one in an automated fashion and resubmit, void, update, etc. Because of the significant resources involved with doing backend data changes, this is not offered as part of Coupa support.

If you feel it's needed, and the API is outside of your technical skill set, there is the possibility of a professional services engagement with Coupa. 

Service engagements will be scoped with time and fees, evaluated, and approved based on the requirements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.


Feature Requests 

Maybe you'd like to see the ability to re-open closed purchase orders or create a custom report with an attribute not currently available in the standard data table views. While these capabilities may not exist in our product today, we are constantly adding more features to the platform. We highly recommend that you post such enhancement requests onto our New Feature Request forum at It is community driven, where you can view other customers' ideas and provide comment. Our Coupa product team monitors this forum continually, and a surprising number of our customers' ideas are implemented in every release. You can find more details at The Coupa Community.


Legal Compliance

Our internal controls and external audits control who, how and when we make changes to your data. When modifying any customer data outside the scope of normal product controls, all changes will be tracked internally for audit compliance. We can provide the customer with a log of what was changed and who changed it. If the specific data is too large to reasonably transfer, or if it contains proprietary/confidential information, a summary of the logic used to modify the data and transaction identifiers will be provided so that an auditor can validate the changes from within the Coupa product. 

Depending on the nature of the data modified and reason for modification, Coupa may require sign-off from the customer’s legal department. See the next section regarding Permission to Change your production Data.


Permission to Change Your Production Data

When you ask us to make changes to your data that cannot normally be logged, we will ask the designated support contact to sign an agreement which ensures the company understands the possible impact of such changes to its environment.   

For customers in the United States, please use the attached template below. 

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