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Tips for Expanding Usage

Clients have seen such great success with Coupa, as part of their original usage scenario and initial ROI, that they often choose to expand to additional groups within the organization.

Clients utilize Coupa for all categories of spend: Services, Marketing, Contingent Labor, MRO, Food, IT, Direct, In-Direct, etc...

You can leverage the full implementation methodology found at the implement page as a starting point if you require templates, project plans, etc.

The full implementation methodology is not always necessary. Below is a streamlined checklist that you can use to drive expansion within your organization. This list is a base to get started, but every organization is different and there are many Coupa partners that specialize in helping clients further deploy Coupa for greater success.

  1. Ensure that you have sufficient resources lined up to meet with the different groups, configure Coupa, enable suppliers, etc...
  2. Understand the categories of spend and groups that you would like to expand into. Remember the Coupa platform can handle any type of spend!
  3. Ensure that you have an executive mandate or some driving force to help lead the discussions with the other groups.
  4. Identify the key stakeholders within the groups that own the different categories.
    • Remember that stakeholders include a variety of roles: Management, Suppliers for those categories, Sourcing, Procurement, etc..
  5. Setup time to work with those stakeholders to gain an understanding of their current processes and challenges.
    • Identify how they buy today
    • What data do they capture?
    • What is their approval process?
    • How do they need to report against that data?
    • What are their specific pain points and opportunities for improvement?
      • Clients can utilize the Coupa Business Process document to help drive the discussions. Customize this document to fit your needs or utilize your own internal collateral.
  6. Once you understand the current state, map how current business processes will look in the Coupa Platform.
    • Depending on your organization you may choose to have a formal document to do the future state mapping, or simply talk through it with your stakeholders. It is very important to understand how each process will work in Coupa.
  7. Enable suppliers.
    • If there are new suppliers that need to be added onto the Coupa platform, start engaging with them to get added. Most supplier enablement (email, cXML) can simply be done through the Coupa web console itself.
  8. Review integrations to your 3rd party systems.
    • Review expansion goals with your internal IT and with Coupa and determine if any of the proposed business process and configuration changes will require an update to your existing integration routines.
    • If there is a required change, then please schedule it with your IT team and Coupa.
  9. Review the future process with your stakeholders.
    • It's important to talk about the successes that you have had with Coupa in other areas, as you work through this with your stakeholders. Nothing drives people to act if they know they are not optimizing their time and money!
    • As you go through these discussions, it's important that you understand what Coupa does and doesn't do. That way you can help DRIVE the discussion with the stakeholders.
  10. Setup the business process on your Coupa sandbox environment.
  11. Encourage the stakeholders to check out their new way of buying in your Coupa sandbox environment.
    • Some organizations may have formal testing processes and it's up to you to know what's required within your organization.
  12. Go Live!
    • Move those users, configurations, suppliers, updated integrations, etc... to your Coupa Production environment and plan a date when the new groups can then start utilizing Coupa!

Many clients have chosen to expand usage themselves, especially since the Coupa platform can be configured by the business owner. Meeting with internal groups and providing guidance on how to make Coupa work for each group or category will require a time commitment. Remember, if this time commitment is overwhelming to your organization, we can direct you to one of our Certified Partners to guide you through the process and speed up your expansion. Contact your Coupa Account Representative if you would like additional support or assistance.

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