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Coupa Success Portal

Halftime with Coupa Customer Adoption Managers

Halftime is used to review the initial game plan and determine if adjustments need to be made to optimize success for the rest of the game. You’ve already started with a great game plan in selecting Coupa to help your company manage spend and understand areas for real and continued savings. Since you've gone live with Coupa, maybe your business processes have changed, or maybe you’d like to increase your footprint with Coupa domestically or globally, or you might want to take advantage of some of Coupa's new features that can help streamline your business and drive user adoption.

Let’s take a halftime break and really think about your current implementation of Coupa and how we might make adjustments to ensure ongoing success. The Coupa Customer Adoption Management team is a group of experts in on-the-ground best practices Coupa configurations.