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Australian Payment Time Reporting Scheme (PTRS)


The Australian Government has introduced the Payment Times Reporting Scheme (PTRS). The scheme aims to improve payment times for Australian small businesses. 

From 1st Jan 2021, large businesses (income >$100M) are required to submit an online ‘Payment times report’ twice per year

Refer below links for more details:

What to Report

As part of the legislation the businesses are required to report following ...

  • The name and ABN of the Business
  • The standard payment period
  • Small business invoices paid

More information is available on the link below:

How to configure in Coupa

  • Creating a flag on Supplier Record in ERP and Coupa to identify the small suppliers (which qualify under this legislation)
  • The small business identification tool will be available on the Australian Government portal in Dec 2020
  • The custom field flag needs to be copied on to the Invoice object which is then integrated into ERP as part of Okay to Pay integration
  • In order to prioritise payments for such suppliers, AP can create a custom view for the invoice transactions with Small Supplier flag = Yes
  • Additionally, we can create specific payment terms for such suppliers and default these payments terms on supplier master to drive the payment details
  • Once payments are made, payment details interface will update the payment data in Coupa which can be used to report on payments days for the small business suppliers




  • Custom field creation on Supplier Object and Invoice Object
  • New payment terms to be added in Coupa and ERP (if created)
  • New Reporting views to be created


  • Yes, new custom field needs to be added to Supplier and Okay to Pay integration

Roles and Permissions:

  • No Impact
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