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Dynamic Approvals

Coupa created Dynamic Approvals primarily for customers with millions of accounts and approvers for each of those accounts. Instead of creating an approval chain for each account, Dynamic Approvals allows you to associate an approver with each account and determine the approver dynamically with a single approval chain (rather than creating millions of approval chains).

Did you know this feature can actually be used with the Standard COA for certain cases? You can leverage Dynamic Approvals for commodity approvals to make it easier to maintain.

First, determine how many approvers you have for each commodity. Depending on the customer, you may have a single approver per commodity or an approver for each region. For our example here, we’ll have a commodity approver for three regions: EMEA, APAC, and NA. Add a User custom field for each approver onto the Commodity object.

dac 01

The User custom field is simply a list of all active users in your Coupa environment. Next, you’ll associate approvers with commodities. Don’t forget to use the bulk load function for updating the commodities with approvers en masse!

dac 02

When updating your approval chain, instead of pointing it to a specific user, you can now point it to the custom field you just created and populated. This removes you from having to maintain approval chains. Instead, you can simply maintain the commodity list and leverage the bulk loader to make updates. Those updates will automatically be captured by the dynamic approval chains.

dac 03

Finally, when using the bulk loader to update your commodities, make sure to use the user’s login ID to identify the user.

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