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Leveraging the CSP


Coupa makes it easy for your suppliers to connect with you in a few clicks all for free through the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), but how do we implement it and get vendors to use it?

For Suppliers Already On the CSP

Start by checking how many suppliers you’ve already got on the CSP. In Coupa, go to Setup > Supplier Portal Directory to see the full list of all vendors on the CSP. Directly connect to the supplier by clicking the connect icon. They’ll get a notification letting them know they’re connected to you, and can now invoice you directly through the CSP. It’s that simple!

For Suppliers Not Yet On the CSP

Start by notifying your suppliers before you invite them to the CSP. We’ve got materials you can share with your suppliers to help them get familiar with the CSP:

Other Strategies

Every project comes with a bit of friction. After a grace period, consider automatically returning invoices to suppliers when they don’t send them through the platform. This will help motivate your supplier to use your new invoicing channel.

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