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"Hide Price" Feature — Issue: Supplier Can Still See Price on the PO


The "Hide Price" feature gives users the ability to send a PO to a supplier without disclosing the amount of the PO.

This is often the case when working with consultants and contractors. With a regular PO, the contractor sees the total amount of the PO, giving them an incentive to bill for the full PO amount. Now, without the value of the PO shown, it's easier to have the vendor accurately bill based on actual work performed, rather than meet the PO amount.

To enable this feature, create a support ticket. 

Once the feature is enabled, a "Hide Price" checkbox will be available on the requisition header. 


"Hide Price" has been checked on the requisition and PO, but when a user clicks "Supplier Print View" on the PO, the price is still displayed.


All Versions


The issue is caused by using a customize PO liquid template. This can be resolved by going to Set-Up > Customize PO. Then search for Chart of Accounts (COA) name — Click "Edit." Scroll down to "PO Layout" under "Your Layout" choose "Coupa Default Template."


If a customer is using a customize PO instead of the default template, this can override the "Hide Price" setting and display the PO amount to the supplier. 

While Coupa utilizes Liquid, Coupa Support can't help you customize your templates. If you need more information on using Liquid, review our documentation —

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