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Process Automator (formerly Process Builder) - Use Cases


Coupa Process Automator allows you automate redundant tasks and action based on custom logic across various document types in Coupa.

Develop and build logic across following document types:

  • Invoice
  • Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Sourcing Event
  • Contract
  • Expense Report

A process can be launched based on a document event or a UI button click.The trigger can be scheduled for specific document statuses such as submission, approval, completion etc.. The statuses will vary based on the document type.

Some key use cases for Process Automator

Automation of Invoice Dispute Process

Automate and reduce workload on supporting functions in procurement and finance. Coupa Process Automator lets you automate an action based on your custom business logic. You can reduce the time you spend evaluating supplier invoices by setting automatic processes to evaluate the submission according to your custom conditions for e.g.

  • When invoice is missing Missing tax rates
  • when Supplier is missing Tax registration and issuing a tax invoice
  • when attachments are missing on an invoice submitted by a Supplier
  • when tolerance failure occurs such as UOM mismatch, currency mismatch

Configuration path: Setup > Processes > Create

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Supplier Review Process Automation

Customized forms for supplier reviews are a great way for users to provide supplier feedback.

Use Process Automator to automate the supplier review process based on transactions such as Sourcing Events, Invoices, contracts etc. This will enable real time review and support supplier performance management. 

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Addition of Tags on Transactions

Use Process Automator to auto-tag Requisitions and Invoices to flag critical suppliers and items and ensure focus on business critical purchases.

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API Call Outs

Use Process Automator to schedule API Callouts based on document events. This can be useful if you wish to integrate filtered transactions to specific external systems. ie.

  • Integration of specific POs to third party or ERP
  • Expense reports to be sent to Payroll

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