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Dynamic Approval Chains without the Dynamic Accounts

In our Webinar we discussed the business process around ServiceMaster reducing their approval chains from 692 down to 30. We demonstrated how they walked through the process and then showed the process in a live demonstration.

How can it go so wrong?

Simple, you start out after implementation and you run into an instance where you need to create one approval chain for one specific situation. Then different situations occur and before you know it, you have hundreds of approval chains. The task to improve the process seems overwhelming so it never gets corrected.

How did ServiceMaster improve?

They took a step back and reviewed the entire process identifying what needed to trigger approvals in their organization. They reviewed and settled on “commodity” and “department”.

How can your organization improve their approval chain process?

As Ian suggests in the Webinar Recording the first step is to evaluate your current process along with your companies desired organizational controls. The next step is to evaluate what causes specific approvals within your organization (The department of the user, Ship-To Location, Supplier, Account Code, Item, Commodity or Contract Assigned).

After the triggers are identified the process of building the Approval Groups, Custom Fields, and Approval Chains fall in line one after the other. If you run into difficulties review the recorded Webinar for guidance.

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