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Supplier Enablement Metrics


In our Webinar we discussed the metrics driven approach that is being practiced by Tire Centers to manage their transactions and spend data in Coupa. The data provides visibility and analytics for determining which suppliers and commodities to focus on next. Visibility which also helps move the procure-to-pay process so suppliers get paid timely.

We showed you a few reports in the webinar, including the below custom reports. We hope this data sharing will give you the advantage that you need to also succeed and thrive in your business. Thank you David Symborski at Tire Centers.


Q. How do I schedule a report?

A. All users can schedule automatic emails of reports they can view in Coupa. Scheduling is simple. For more info, see Report Scheduling.

  1. You can view the reports by going to Setup > Reporting, or click on the top tabs such as Orders.
  2. Under View, select the report to schedule. See below example.
  3. Click on the clock to the right of the report. This will get a pop-up window for you to enter the scheduling details such as frequency.
  4. Fill in the scheduling details and click Save when you’re done.


Q. How do I create a custom view custom report?

A. Do you want to leverage an existing report or create a brand new report?

  1. To leverage an existing report, select the report and click on the pencil symbol to the right of the report.
    • Edit the Name so it creates a new report, and not editing the existing report.
    • Add your conditions. Drag fields you want in the report to the right.
    • Click Save as New when you’re done.
    • Congratulations, you’re done!
  2. To create a brand new report, under View select ‘Create View’ at the bottom of the reports you can view. Name it.
  • Create the conditions.
  • Drag and drop the fields to the right.
  • Click Save when you’re done.
  • Congratulations, you’re done!

Metric 1: Orders > Purchase Order Lines

Description: This report captures all orders that contributed to cost savings.

  • Name: Itemized Savings for 2015 (custom report for Tire Centers)
  • Conditions:
    • Savings (%) is not blank
    • Order Data between <date> and <date>
    • Order Status is all options except ‘Cancelled’
  • Columns selected are:
    • PO #
    • Line
    • Order Date
    • Commodity
    • Account
    • Supplier
    • Qty
    • Line Total
    • Savings (%)
    • Item

Metric 2: Invoices > Invoice Lines

Description: You have 3-way invoicing enabled. You have received valid invoices from the supplier but you cannot pay them yet because the user has not entered receiving data. You will send this to the user to remind them to enter receiving.

  • Name: *Invoices Pending on Closed PO
  • Conditions:
  • PO Status is ‘Closed’
  • Header status is ‘Pending Receipt’
  • Columns selected are:
    • Actions
    • Supplier
    • PO
    • PO Order Date
    • PO Status
    • Invoice #
    • Line #
    • Invoice Date
    • Last Updated Date
    • Last Updated By
    • Header status
    • Description
    • Total
    • Review Reason

* Tip: Copy/paste the UI and email it to the user, and users can click on the PO and Invoice # hyperlinks.


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