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Ask an Expert: Leverage the Power of the Collective and Build a Knowledge Repository in Coupa

Looking for the Ask an Expert (formerly Office Hours) webinars? 

Consumer behavior and trends on the web today show that when we have a question, we’re more likely to rely on expert communities or crowd-sourced content for the answer. Users today want to be in-the-know and get fast responses to their questions.

Coupa’s Ask an Expert feature gives your users the ability to ask a question and leverage the collective to get answers, and also build out a knowledge base.

Similar to a FAQ in a knowledge base, you can use Ask an Expert to answer the most common questions for a category. Instead of leaving users with unanswered questions, or answering the same question over and over again through an external helpdesk that might be supporting your users, you can provide faster responses and also save time and money by directing them to Ask an Expert within Coupa.

Ask an Expert allows you to set up categories for your users to self-select and categorize their questions. Categories can be marked as public or private. Questions asked in any category that is classified as public will be available for anyone within your organization to view and answer, while the ones marked as private can be answered by experts or your helpdesk within your organization. 

Set up Ask an Expert categories by functional area like purchasing, sourcing, expenses, etc., or by general categories like public vs. private questions. Or create a feature requests category and give your users the ability to provide feedback to Coupa admins about what they’d like to see in their Coupa deployment.

If you add a feature link, make sure to assign it to the proper content group so only users with the permission to use the feature can see the link.

Ask an Expert allows you to leverage your organization’s collective knowledge and resolve user questions more quickly. Fast answers leads to happy and satisfied users, which leads to higher adoption and ultimately even more spend under management.


Using Ask an Expert

  1. From the Coupa homepage, click the Help link at the top right and then click Ask an Expert.
  2. On the page that opens, you have two options:
    • Under Ask a New Question, type your question, select a category, and then click Create.
    • Under My Subscriptions, use the Subscribe to a new category dropdown to choose a category, and then click Add.
  3. Once you’ve subscribed to a category you can view that category’s questions. If you’ve asked a question, the Questions I have asked recently section appears. You’ll get a notification when your question is answered.

And, like we suggested in Rock Your Homepagewhy not add an Ask an Expert icon on your homepage. If you’re looking at using Ask an Expert or are already using it, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the Coupa Community.

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