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Coupa Success Portal

Coupa Support Team

Not just any other Support Organization

Over the past few months our Support team has been working on key initiatives to improve the quality of support services we provide.

We think you’l like the results we’ve made to date – and there’s more to come: 

Support Improvement Results That Matter

  • Backlog Ageing - Average age of tickets in the backlog has decreased 13.44%
  • Closure Time - Amount of time to close tickets, on average, has dropped 7.25%
  • Response Time - The average first response time to customers improved 74.07%
  • Ticket Touches - The number of ticket updates made by agents have increased by 61.52% …which means agents are updating and working more tickets! 

With four support centers around the globe, and growing! Our team is here to smooth out bumps in the road, as well as to adjust plans and configurations as priorities change and new opportunities emerge. To learn more about our Support packages, please visit our website at<wbr/>support/

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